Kasipiti Children's Home

A brief history

Kasipiti Children's home was founded on the 1st of July 2013 under the guidance of the Little Children of our Blessed Lady sisters (L.C.B.L ) based on the ideas of Ruth Kalbermatten (the founder), who was touched by the vulnerability of some children when she visited zimbabwe in 2004. Ruth faced numerous obstacles when she tried to register the home before rearing any child because of the local policies on foreigners. Her wish was to provide needy children with accommodation , food, shelter, education and family. In 2013, Ruth decided to handover the idea to L.C.B.L sisters . Within a month L.C.B.L sisters registered the home with Social Welfare and it was placed under their management. On the 9 th of July the home received their first child from the social welfare department and within a short time the home was full of children who had been neglected and abandoned. Unfortunately Ruth died a year later on the 16th of May 2014 after severe illness, but during her life time she was a key to Kasipiti's survival by gathering donations from different organizations, embassies, individuals and companies. In Shona, the word Kasipiti means a fountain of respite. It is with this hope that we can provide respite to the poor and abandoned children in the Kasipiti Orphanage. We can make this happen with your generous donations.

Ruth ( Kasipiti Anniversary ) Sr I Katsukunya at Kasipiti
Pupils at the Home Pupils at the Home
Gathering at Kasipiti Youth at Kasipiti Gathering