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LCBL Foundation

Archbishop Aston Ignatius Sebastian Joseph Chichester, S.J. (22 May 1879 – 24 October 1962) was the first Roman Catholic Archbishop of Salisbury (now Harare, Zimbabwe). Born in Ostende, Belgium of recusant English descent, he was educated at Mount St Mary's College, near Sheffield. He entered the Jesuits in 1913. He became a schoolteacher, and taught at the Jesuit schools, Beaumont and Wimbledon Colleges, at both of which he served as Rector.

From 1929 on he served in Rhodesia (which would later become the country known as Zimbabwe). The Rev. Chichester was named the first Archbishop of Salisbury in 1955 and was also Titular Bishop of Ubaza. He attended the Second Vatican Council's first session as a Council Father. He died on 24 October 1962, aged 83, while attending the Council after collapsing on the steps of St Peter's Basilica. He had been a priest for almost a half a century and served as bishop for more than three decades.

Our Formation

Our formation is run by the formation team which includes the vocations directions, formators and contact persons at every mission where we work. If you interested in joining us please contact the vocation directress: Sr Elizabeth Mudzimu +263 772 700 328 | +263 712 283 787

Religious formation is the process of becoming more and more a disciple of Christ; it is a matter of taking on increasingly the mind of Christ. We aim to integrate our call to be women of a particular culture with our call to be Christians and religious in the Church. The period of formation is important as it helps the one called to discern God’s continual call and to respond to it continuously (Constitution c 50).

It is the work of the formation team to help the one called to give herself totally to God and to the institute. Formation of the LCBL begins with the important work of vocation promotion. Each LCBL community has a vocation promoter, a sister who helps the girls who want to join religious life to know more about sisters. The vocations directress works with vocation promoters and coordinates the girls aspiring to join us, planning workshops for them and visiting the different communities and makes the necessary recommendations to the LCBL leadership team as regards vocations. Formation is divided into different stages consists of the following ; candidacy, postulancy, noviceship, and ongoing formation after the profession of vows.

Formation stages


The stage normally lasts three years and enables the one called to start the process of integration into the LCBL. This is the time of experiencing and understanding what religious life entails.


The second stage of formation, a period of 6 months to 1 year deals with in depth human as well as the spiritual dimensions.

The Novitiate

A period of 2 years, is a time to grow in various aspects of inner freedom (spiritual, emotional, intellectual) in order for the novice to be able to live fully as an LCBL. It is a time of in-depth study of the mission, life and spirit of the congregation. At the end of this phase, the novice makes the first profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for one year

Temporary Profession

Vows are renewed yearly for two years after which they are renewed for three years. The Sister may then request profession of perpetual vows.

Ongoing formation

This is a lifelong process. Our life in Christ must be a driving force which refuses to let us standstill, or fall into the rut of complacency, tepidity and self-satisfaction. We belong to a church always in need of conversion and reform (Constitution C 68). Retreats, talks, workshops, community life, prayer and reflection are some of the means that help us to grow in the life of the Spirit in faith, hope and charity through following Christ intimately and in constant conversion of heart.